I think you might be surprised on how many people actually double dips chips.

I'm a big fan of chips and dip as a snack. Give me some French Onion Dip with Ruffle style chips and I'm good to go.

I never even thought about double dipping chips until I saw the episode of "Seinfeld" that featured it.

Here's that classic scene.

Video: Seinfeld - The Chip Dip

Ever since then for many people, it's been taboo to double dip.

I wonder what the percentage of chip and dip eaters that do it.

According to wivb.com,

"According to a study by Groupon, 55 percent of people admitted to "double dipping" a chip in a survey of 2,000 people."

That's over half which is kind of scary.

Who are the main offenders?

"Men and millennials are more likely to be the double-dipping offenders." 

How many chips on average do people eat in one sitting?

"The survey also found that people consume an average of 18 chips in one sitting."

If you plan on attending a party anytime in the near future, I suggest avoiding the chips and dip.

Do you double dip?

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