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Let me start by saying, I did NOT come up with these...but they are damn funny. The whole Illinois vs Wisconsin thing, is it still a thing? I'm sure there some old school folks that hold a grudge about cheese or something...But really, is it worth it?

I like some Wisconsin beers, cheese curds are yummy, the people have been pretty inviting every time I've traveled north. But if the "Cheddar Curtain" makes your blood boil, allow me to introduce Five Ways to Tick Off a Wisconsinite.


  • Diss The Green and Gold - Oh yes, the Green Bay Packers are a religion. 
  • Think Wisconsin is in Minnesota - Apparently this is a real thing, really?
  • Insist Happy Cows Are From California - A T.V. commercial used this catch phrase, and Wisconsinites do not likey.
  • Neglect Friday Fish Fries - O.k. so this happens in Illinois too, but fish fries in Wisconsin are the real deal. Talk crap about them, I dare you.
  • Ask What a Bubbler is - I know, do you know? Hint: We really shouldn't be using them right now. 

Again, not my list...pass me a Spotted Cow and some squeaky cheese curds, but keep your Packers.

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