Lee Brice has been around the country music scene for almost 10 years but there are still a few things you didn't know about him. In fact, I have five things you probably didn't know about the singer.

The Rowdy profiled the country singer not to long ago and found out some interesting facts about Lee Brice.

5. Lee got his start in music singing and playing piano in his church growing up.

4. He actually was on a career path to be a football player until an arm injury in college changed his direction to Country music.

3. He co-wrote Garth Brook's hit "More than a Memory". Lee has written or co-written several songs that have charted well for other country bands and singers including "Crazy Girl" by the Eli Younf Band.

2. Lee is not his real name. Nope. He was born Kenneth Mobley Brice Jr.

1. Lastly, he has broken several records in the music industry: His song " 'Love Like Crazy' was a big song for him because it broke a record that stood for 62 years for the longest consecutive run on the country music charts. If you couple that with his successful co-writing session for “More Than a Memory,” you will be able to see just how lucky Brice is.'

Lee is an artist that has his hands into every aspect of the music business from singing to song writing and everything in between he definitely is a hands on kind of guy.

He's the type you know wants to have a great show that everyone will be talking about, and in fact this February you will have a chance to see him as he's coming to town with his "Years off My Life" tour with guest Tyler Farr.

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