If you are feeling lucky, then Wednesday maybe a good day for you. 

The Powerball jackpot is now at an estimated $422 million. If you feel like you need to buy a few tickets, you can do that all the way up to 9 PM on Wednesday night. The drawing is around 10 PM.

If you decided to take the money all at once, you will receive $291 million before taxes. What could that buy? Here are five things that you can treat yourself to.

Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

1. You could buy out the BMO Harris Bank Center for Rockford Icehogs for 56 years and give away tickets for every game. (That won't happen, but one can hope right)

Getty Images

2. A caffeine buzz like no other. It can buy you a tall skinny vanilla latte every day for 117, 784 years.

De Agostini/Getty Images

3. Two entire islands in the Bahamas, worth $85.

Kris Connor

4. It can buy 10,000 Jeep Compasses.


5. You could buy the entire new inventory of RV's at Holiday Hour RV.

Of course, it is fun to see what you could buy with all of that money. Helping out the local community and local non-profits would be what I would do. Maybe throw in a trip to Australia.