It's never too early to start preparing an awesome Halloween costume, especially if uniqueness is your goal. Impress everyone at your party this year when you show up in one of these Rockford inspired costumes you made yourself!

To me, a homemade costume is way better than a store bought one any day. Sure, it may not look as good as the one straight out of a package, but if you do it right it will cost you less, and be way cooler because it's your handmade original.

Take the "wow" factor up a notch this Halloween with one of these 5 Rockford inspired costume ideas:

  1. Ariel, The Little Mermaid - Jodi Benson, the speaking and singing voice of Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid, is from Rockford - DIY Little Mermaid costume
  2. Sock Monkey - Rockford, Illinois is considered the sock monkey capital of the world. Here's one super easy DIY Sock Monkey costume you can make for cheap!
  3. Cheap Trick - Rockford is proud to be the home of the band, Cheap Trick! - This idea is great for a group costume, and it's pretty easy to pull off. Just don't forget the black and white checkerboard; black baseball hat and glasses for Rick Nielsen; and the long blond wig and funky hat for Robin Zander.
  4. Screw and Nut Couples Costume - Rockford used to be the screw capital of the World and is often referred to as the "Screw City" - DIY Screw costume instructions, or check out this Screw and Nut costume picture for crafting inspiration.
  5. Rockford Peaches - Once upon a time we had a really good women's baseball  team - Get a pink dress, red hat, belt and socks, and order these iron on Rockford Peaches transfers you can print off at home. Easy peasy!

Whatever you choose to be this Halloween, I hope it turns out SPOOKtacular and that you have a faBOOlous time!