One of the things that makes me proud to be a Rockfordian is the constant support the majority of this community shows for first responders. We respect the sacrifices they make each and every day for their job, but sadly it takes a tragedy for us to really understand just how much danger they face.

When the news broke about the shooting at Don Carter Lanes back in December, our hearts broke. We mourned for the victims and their families, for the survivors forced to move past the terror they just experienced, and for the Don Carter staff and owners that had to overcome yet another huge hurdle during a horrible year.

In case you haven't heard these names before, the first four Rockford Police officers on the scene of the Don Carter Lanes shooting were; Officers Jacoby Barron, Kelly Hormig, Brendan Moore and Fallon Watton, and on Wednesday these four brave men and women were awarded Medals of Honor by the Rockford Police Department.

During Wednesday's ceremony Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea had some pretty moving words to say about these for heroic officers according to WIFR. Chief O'Shea said;

In the face of active gunfire, all four of these officers charged into danger in complete disregard for their own safety to save others. There is no doubt that their response saved many innocent lives.


To say that they responded, really doesn’t cover it. Anybody who has watched the videos and seen how they responded; A. is a credit to them and B. it’s a credit to our training that it takes place here, every year that we do in the department. I know there were more officers involved and at some point, there’s a lot of officers involved, but those four -- I’ve seen the videos and to say it’s heroic is an understatement. Great job, as always.

To Officers Barron, Hormig, Moore and Watton I would like to personally say thank you. Thank you for your sacrifice, bravery and protection. You have made Rockford very proud, and we are lucky to have you on our side.

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