It's that time again to break out your red, white and blue and show your American pride. Independence Day is this Friday!

However, if you lived in my town you might have thought the holiday was this past weekend. Neighbors around the town were shooting off all kinds of fireworks.

I love them. I'm not complaining, but my cat on the other hand isn't a big fan of them.

If your cat or dog is like mine, they are afraid of very loud noises. Millie is much better than she was 5 years ago. Back then she would hide under the basement stairs. Now days, she's much more relaxed but I still try to protect and keep her calm during the 4th.

I did a little searching and found some great tips through WikiHow about Fireworks and the safety of your pets.

According to WikiHow, the obvious tip is to leave your pets home and inside during the 4th Holiday and fireworks celebration.

Create a safe haven for them by leaving lights on. Have a radio or TV on in order to keep the noise level at the same it would be in house on normal days.

Make a special area in house where the dog or cat can go and feel protected. Keep food and water near that spot as well.

Those are just a few. You can find more helpful tips through these links: WikiHow, PetMD,

Now let the celebration begin.