We are all doing our best to have the best holiday season possible in the middle of a pandemic and the team at Festival of Lights is hoping for two things from us to make that happen. 

Sure you can decorate at home for Christmas and stare at your own house for 30 minutes, but you can also pile your family in your care and head to Festival of Lights.

I got a chance to talk with Ted and Tom from the Festival of Lights team for this week's episode of Good Day Stateline and we had some fun as we mentioned it's the original socially distant experience, but there are two things we talked about that they would love this year.

Your donations.

There are more light displays than ever this year because we all need more Christmas cheer, so that means money spent and more money needed in order for this tradition to continue.

Their other request is just as important, but let's face it a little comical.

Some of us (me included) keep our cars' light on auto! Just remember when you go to Festival of Lights to turn them off.

Festival of Lights is open now until New Year's Eve, you can get the specific details on their hours of operations on their website. 

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