A former Chicago Bears quarterback forced a fan to chug a beer before allowing a photo with him.

One of my hobbies is I collect autographs from my favorite teams, players, bands, and musicians. I have a pretty cool collection of signed posters, pictures, and albums. My biggest selection is probably from the Chicago Bears. I have basically the whole 1985 Super Bowl Champion team. I have been a lifelong fan. My family has been season ticket holders since 1982.

My mom and dad got me started when I was just a kid. The players would make appearances throughout the season. Back then all the autographs were free. The only fee was if you were buying a ticket for an event or fundraiser. It was before memorabilia became a big business thing for huge money. That was the time before the internet, eBay, Craigslist, and sites like that. It was kind of like a bonding thing for us.

Now, it is almost near impossible to get a free autograph. The good players cost a lot of money. Back in the day, I got Michael Jordan and Walter Payton, two of the greatest athletes of all time, for nothing at the Chicago Auto Show. I could not afford to get those anymore.

If you run into a celebrity, pro-athlete, or rock star, there is a good chance they will not sign anything or take a picture with you. They can not be bothered. I understand, they just want to be left alone, if they are just out with their family or something like that. They also know that people will turn around and sell the signatures for profit. Plus, they really do not want a picture with you up all over social media.

Many just despise it no matter what. They hate doing signing events so much that they will price themselves out of the market. Stars can make some good extra money that way if they desire.

One player that I have heard dislikes signing autographs and is very difficult to get is former Chicago Bears Quarterback, Jay Cutler. He can not be bothered. He has enough cash that money does not even motivate him.

A fan recently ran into Cutler and requested a photo with Jay. Surprisingly, he said okay but he had to earn the opportunity.

According to brobible.com,

"A dude who recently ran into Cutler while doing some drinking into the Colorado ski town of Vail, and after the Zubaz-clad Bears fan asked if he could take a picture with the QB, he agreed under one condition: the guy had to chug a pitcher of beer. The fan proceeded to do exactly that and earned the right to pose with Cutler."

Thanks to the power of the internet and social media, of course, there is a video of the incident.

From the NFL Stats Twitter page...

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