I grew up in Texas so this is pretty exciting. According to ChicagoBusiness.com, the Texas fast food giant Whataburger is about to be expanding. I grew up eating at Whataburger and I have to say its pretty tasty. They have been a family owned place for almost 70 years and the quality is still there. Everything is fresh and made to order and they are all open 24 hours a day. As of now, Whataburger has over 800 locations in ten different states but that's about to change.

Chicago based BDT Capital Partners LLC just bought the majority ownership of the company and has big plans for a massive expansion. Whataburger President and chief Executive officer Preston Atkinson said "In order to keep satisfying our customers, we've been exploring different options to expand the brand and introduce it to new audiences". With the 800 locations they already have, sales exceed $2 Billion dollars annually. I cannot wait to see that big "W" in the sky here in Illinois.

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