It has been coming up in your Facebook Feed, a story that reports that Hollywood icon, Clint Eastwood, is moving to Rockford. As much as I wish it was true, it is not.

The website KSPM33, was reporting (and I use the term loosely), that the famous star of the silver screen, director and all around American movie legend was planning a move from Los Angeles to the Forest City.

The reason cited for the move:

Because he was tired of the “fake people and bulls**t” in his current home state of California and was looking forward to moving to a place “where people are just people and whose sincerity you don’t have to always question.

Sorry peeps, Dirty Harry will not be your Stateline neighbor anytime soon.

The article cites a magazine interview where Eastwood allegedly states that he has visited Rockford on a number of occasions and fell in love with our town, but article does  not state what magazine interviewed Eastwood.

Hence, there is not proof whatsoever. But, if you see Dirty Harry strolling around Sinnissippi Park, consider yourself lucky. Do you feel lucky, punk?