A family who lost everything, including their dog in Fairdale's April 9 tornado, is getting a surprise exactly nine months to the day. Talk about a moment of cuteness.


The Cline family have a new addition to their family. It's not a newborn, baby, at least, but a new puppy named Cuddles. The family lost everything, including their beagle Jake, in the April 9 tornado that leveled the entire town of Fairdale, Illinois.

According to WIFR TV-23, It's a surprise that's been in the works for weeks from the Mending Hearts Rescue Team.


Jon Durr, Getty Images


"The story of Fairdale has touched all our hearts. Just to be able to do something nice for one of the families and be able to give back a little bit, it's a wonderful thing," said President and Founder of Mending Hearts Rescue Michelle Moore.

"I'm happy I got another dog now, so I can continue the legacy of my late dog." said Brian Cline.

It's hard as a pet owner to lose a loved furry friend, and I cannot imagine the pain the family experienced.

The family will be out and about with their new family friend taking him on walks around Fairdale. It's what they used to do with "Jake" and now there is a new beginning in Fairdale.