When it comes to fair food, I love it all. However, if the food is made with love and has a purpose behind it, it tastes better and is more satisfying. Here's what I mean. When you head to the Boone County Fair this year, you will see numerous 'trailers' of tasty treats. In addition to the traveling vendors, local organizations like Boy Scouts, church groups, 4-H Club, and more offer food treats. When it comes to homemade donuts at the fair, my favorite is The Boone County District 2 Firefighters building.

Steve Summers, Townsquare Media

Made hourly by the firefighters and family members, each is hot and fresh and decorated with love. Sprinkles in Green Bay Packer colors, Chicago Bear colors, Belvidere High School colors, sugar, glazing and more are offered on the donuts.

Steve Summers, Townsquare Media

Best part of any food offered by organizations at the fair is the cause. Camping trips, safety equipment, and mission trips are just a few of the benefits behind the treats.

For the Boone County District 2 Firefighters, the money raised will go for life saving equipment and more.

My advice to you is to head to the fair hungry, and take treats home. Your tummy and a few local charities will thank you. Be sure to pick up their flyers on events and attend them as well.

See you at the fair.