If you've been on Facebook, you may have noticed that some of your "friends" may use an alias Facebook name. Unfortunately, this idea has it's drawbacks.

A woman in London found about that the hard way. According to Mashable, for years Jemma Rogers was using the made-up name of "Jemmaroid von Laalaa". She has been doing so since 2008 to avoid being added by random people. That backfired on her recently when she got locked out of her own Facebook account.

Facebook user policy states that users must use their real names, otherwise their accounts can be suspended.

After multiple attempts of cheating the system, the former Jemma was suspended. So what would a reasonable person do? Legally change your name! That's just what Jemma did.

She legally changed her name to her fake Facebook name so she could log in and be reunited with her Facebook friends. But even after all the trouble of legally changing her name, Facebook is still investigating and her account remains locked.

Are we that addicted to social media that it has come to this?