Facebook has been under a microscope many times over many different issues. The latest sounds like something you would expect from the NSA.

If you thought your messages, chats, and group messages were safe. You were strongly mistaken.

According to SimpleMost.com, "Facebook confirmed April 5 that it uses automated tools to scan Messenger chats for malware links and child porn images. It also allows users to report chats that may violate community standards."

But, does it stop there?

Most people understand that what we put out into the world is screened. But, many also believed that their private conversations via Facebook Messenger were private. Again, you'd be mistaken.

Facebook’s data policy — which was updated on Wednesday — states that it collects “the content, communications and other information you provide when you … message or communicate with others.”

The content of messages between people is not used for ads targeting,” a company spokesperson said. “We do not listen to your voice and video calls.”

Well, that's reassuring...



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