According to the Chicago Tribune, "an Aurora police officer who was fired for secretly installing cameras he later used to spy on his ex-wife should get his job back."

This blows my mind. How could this union be going to bat for him?

The Tribune article states that "he installed the cameras, including one in the bedroom, while their divorce was pending and he was still living there, according to documents related to the lawsuit. He reactivated them after moving out and the divorce was finalized and continued to monitor his ex-wife in her home without her knowledge, according to court documents."

How is this any different than someone putting a camera in a public bathroom and spying on them with it? To me, there is no difference but that's just me.

Had he never looked at the camera feeds after he moved out and the divorce was finalized I would definitely be on board with his reinstatement. By reactivating the feed, he committed a serious crime. One I don't believe he should be forgiven for.


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