Your cell phone could possibly be charged extra fees if you forget to put it on airplane mode on a flight.

Next time you're traveling and the pilot announces to turn off or put your cell on airplane mode, you might want to double check that it is.

According to,

"One passenger learned the hard way that forgetting to switch on airplane or flight mode on his phone can be a big deal — or a big bill from his provider — to the tune of a few hundred dollars."

A man was traveling, had the phone in his bag, and put it in the overhead compartment. He didn't change his device to airplane mode. A few weeks later, he received a bill for $300.

How does this happen?

Well, there are antennas located on the plane that aren't part of a normal cellular network. If the phone isn't on airplane mode or off, it could connect to it. When that happens, you will be charged. Like you're roaming.

If your flying over the holiday season, make sure you take care of that before take off.

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