Things are beginning to slowly open up, but that doesn't mean that we are out of the woods with COVID-19. As we all are deciding what activities to partake in, you should know and understand the risk level of these activities.

I have been in a constantly in a struggle of wanting to feel normal. At the same time, I want to protect myself,  my friends, family, and others I may come into contact with. These are things that I know I am not alone in feeling. It's just the way life is right now.

There's no right answer as to what one should do. Things are opening up. It's not a crime to go to any of these places that have opened. However, you just need to know the risks and how much risk you're willing to take. Not to mention, being smart and safe when you go anywhere.

I saw a list created by a group of infectious disease experts that ranked a bunch of activities by how risky they are. It's pretty informative and eye opening.

They looked at four key factors: Is it in an enclosed space? How long do you interact with other people? Are there crowds? And is there "forceful exhalation," meaning things like yelling or singing?

These activities on the COVID-19 Risk Index are broken down into five categories. Each category is a different risk level. You can see the COVID-19 Risk Index for yourself below. That way, you decide what you are comfortable doing as these activities become available.

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COVID-19 Risk Index

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