We're half way in to the new year.

Was your resolution to get in shape, loose weight and just get healthy?

If you haven't started yet and the idea of joining a gym is out of your budget right now.

Here's a list of exercise equipment we should all own at home.

These items are fairly inexpensive and something we can all benefit from right in the comfort of our own homes.

Exercise Equipment We Should All Own

Floor or Yoga Mat

Medicine Ball with handles

Resistance Bands

Set of Weights (you only need two or three different weights, not the complete set.) exercises)

Jump Rope

Wow! I have everything but the Medicine ball. I saw some at Five Below the other day. They didn't have handles but I bet they'd still work.

I guess I have no excuse now to get back at it. The holidays are over and if I want fit into my jeans and shorts later this summer, I better get cracking.

It's nice to know owning gym equipment doesn't have to be a major expense.

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