Rockford and Winnebago County is close to getting its first bicycle rideshare program, called LimeBike. About 500 bicycles are proposed to be part of the program, which is used is many urban cities throughout the United States. Like other rideshare services, users will need an app to use this new trendy amenity.

According to WIFR, this will not cost the city - it does not require tax dollars. Each ride is $.50 for college students/$1 everyone else for every 30-minutes of use. There are monthly plans, too. And, bicycles can be returned to any designated bike rack, therefore there isn't a specific location for rental and returns.

As far as safety is concerned LimeBike's website says this:

Safety is LimeBike’s top priority, and our bikes are equipped with an anti-theft lock and alarm, double kickstand for parking stability, and a super-bright front headlight.

Whether or not helmets will be provided with rentals in Rockford has not been released but cities like Seattle do offer helmets for riders.

Learn more about LimeBike in the video below.

There is no official timeline of when these bicycles will make their way to Winnebago County. Learn more about LimeBike by clicking here.

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