I saw this list on Buzzfeed and thought Rockford deserved their own version.

Rockford has an iconic quarter-mile race track, a world-renowned dinosaur, a historic theater, and is home to a band in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but it's also home to some delicious food. Chances are if you grew up in Rockford you've probably had these locally famous delicacies.

1. Swedish pancakes @ Stockholm Inn

For many of us, this was (and still is) and weekend tradition.

2. Special salad @ Lino's

There's something special inside the castle-like building off of E. State & Arnold, and it's a salad even a kid will eat.

3. A Gyro @ Uncle Nick's

It's hard to argue that Uncle Nick's gyro isn't a must-have in Rockford when even food-guru Alton Brown had to try it for himself during a stop in Rockford. Here's proof.

4. Mrs. Fisher's chips.

We Need To Talk About The New Mrs. Fisher's Chip Flavor
Robert Kirk, Getty Images

Before the recipe change, a true Rockfordian knew how great these chips were. They're still great and to anyone that disagrees... it's all in your head.

5. A burger @ Bing's Drive-In

For the sake of the above post we'll give special recognition to a Bing burger but, really, it's all about grabbing a shake. Mmm.

6. Cheddar fries @ Beef-A-Roo

Beef-A-Roo cheddar fries. Enough said.[/caption]

7. Porkchop Sandwiches @ On The Waterfront

This a photo from Kiwanis pork chop sandwich day but Rockford's past time as far as the sandwich is concerned is On The Waterfront.

8. Brat @ Brat Days

Kiwanis Brat Days
MS Photographic

Brat Days are simply a do-not-miss thing in Rockford. That first-bite pop is magic in your mouth.

9. A paczki @ Polish Fest

Bitten Fresh Brown "Paczki" Donuts on White Plate.

Those delish paczki's at Polish Fest are so good they're hard to pass up.

10. Ole Salty's

Another great chip made in Rockford that will make you buy 'em by the bulk if you're not living near Rockford.

11. JMK Nippon

JMK Nippon

Sure, this is not a specific food item but if you didn't go to JMK when it was on Mulford Road you've truly never experienced the table-side Japanese greatness of Rockford's most popular restaurant.

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