If your a 'Game of Thrones' fan or love all things about ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, then you're going to love bathing in style a this new Chicago Bathhouse.

No not kidding the Aire Ancient Bathhouse just opened in Chicago to give you the experience of soaking in a Roman bath house.

WGN reports that after 3 years of renovations a former factory in Chicago's River West is totally transformed. The Aire Ancient Baths Chicago comes complete with Himalayan salt baths and steam rooms.

Just a fair warning though these baths aren't private and are co-ed. Plus they're not cheap. It costs roughly about $70 to soak for 90 minutes.

To learn more and to book bath a time visit or click, beaire.com.

Hmmm... it's interesting but I don't think I'd want to bath with strangers.
But as they say, different strokes for different folks.




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