Elf On The Shelf will be returning to homes real soon, and cereal boxes too. Yup, the Elf craze is making its way to cereal but there won't be a mess, per se.


Come November Walmart will start exclusively selling Kellogg's Elf On The Shelf... on a shelf at all their stores, including northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. It's already available in Canada and reviews are pretty decent, according to Delish.

... the cereal is red and green, tastes like sugar cookies, and has marshmallows thrown in for good measure... A resounding yay for sugar cookie cereal.

It won't break the bank, at less than $4 a box.... because there's no toy or doll hidden in the box. The product is already up on Walmart.com but still not available in the U.S. for another week or so.

You can check out Kellogg's Elf On A Shelf cereal here.

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