Last night as I was getting my hair cut, I thought about all the things we ladies do to make ourselves beautiful.

You know we spend a lot money at times. I guess it's true, beauty is pain. Pain for your pocketbook that is.

Check out these easy to make beauty products that will save you money. The best part is, you can make these with items that you have in your own home now. in your home.

Lip Gloss - Really! All you just need are crayons and coconut oil. Hey that's one way to get rid of those broken crayons.

Nail Polish Remover - Lemon Juice and Vinegar. I want to try this.

Scalp Treatment = Brown Sugar and Olive Oil.

Soothing Face Mask = Cucumbers and Egg Whites.

Blackhead Remover  = Honey and Baking Soda.

Foot Soak = Listerine and Vinegar.

Body Scrub = Sea Salt and Olive Oil. *I've done this before using regular salt with olive oil and also, by using sugar with the oil. They both worked the same.

For the complete recipe instructions visit

Now when you and your girlfriends want to have a spa day of pampering, you can do it right in your own home. I can hear the wine corks popping right now.

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