Solo Cup Sparkle Lights [Video]
The solo cup. How many Holiday parties are we going to see these things turn up? I'm betting on practically every party.
Now there's another use for them.
Turn them into Sparkle lights.
Make your Own Memento Ornament
I love hanging Christmas ornaments on my tree that are reminders and mementos of special times in my life.
Like my little red barn that says "See Rock City" I bought when I lived in Chattanooga.
Now we can make our own memento Christmas ornaments.
D.I.Y. Space Heater [Video]
With this arctic blast were getting this week, it's time to pull out those thick sweaters we typically save for January weather.
It's so easy to crank the thermostat up, but who wants to see those sky high bills now before Christmas?
Want to save some cash yet still stay warm? Check out this…
Easy to Make Beauty Products
Last night as I was getting my hair cut, I thought about all the things we ladies do to make ourselves beautiful.
You know we spend a lot money at times. I guess it's true, beauty is pain. Pain for your pocketbook that is.
Check out these easy to make beauty products that will save you money.
A New Spin on Gardening
Ah, It's finally Spring! We can all look forward to grass, leafy trees and gardens.
Some of my favorite memories is helping my parents plant in their gigantic garden every spring and then reaping the rewards of fresh green beans, okra, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes later on...