On what level of scare do you look for when it comes to haunted houses and attractions? Do you prefer a hay ride with "chilling" displays and eerie music or do you want to be scared so bad you might wet yourself? Of the best-rated haunted houses in Illinois, one of them is an hour long.

Down's Haunted House - Downs, Illinois

This spot has a haunted house, hay ride, and more... including a fire-blowing clown.

Boo Crew Haunted House - Mechanicsburg, Illinois

This is one of the top-ranked haunted attractions in the entire state. It's described as a "high-tech theatrical atmosphere," which means it's probably not for the weak at heart or stomach.

Massacre Haunted House - Montgomery, Illinois

Here's a haunt that is definitely not for everyone. The attraction has more than 100 scareactors and animatronics. It's been voted best in Chicagoland multiple times.

Evil Intentions Haunted House - Elgin, Illinois

How about a haunted house inside an old casket factory where an actual murder took place? This is a scare on top of a scare on top of a scare. The place is massive too, at 55,000 sqft. I'm up for an adrenaline rush but I'm not sure I'm making to trip to this place.

Dungeon Of Doom Haunted House - Zion, Illinois

This might be an easy "no" for some because it sounds intense. In fact, it's so extreme it's not recommended for kids. As if the hour-long trek doesn't sound crazy enough, some of the scenes sound downright terrifying which include, "The Endless Maze of the Underworld" and "Buried Alive."

If these aren't enough and you want to find more haunted houses there's a great list here and here.

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