We all have our preferences when it comes to riding partners. For one Illinois biker, that preference was obviously of the bird variety as he had multiple parrots perched on his shoulder.

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This happened a few days ago in Carpentersville, Illinois. The driver shared this about what they witnessed:

I was driving down the road and saw this awesome guy with birds on his shoulders

You won't see a more pirate moment than this on an Illinois roadway today I predict.

I think that I can officially say now that I've seen everything.

My question about this guy's riding pals is how do the birds hang on when the speed picks up? It's one thing to sit at a red light, but quite another if you're flying down the highway doing 55 mph. I'm guessing they have strong claws and the biker has tough shoulders.

It's yet another "meanwhile on a road in Illinois" things.

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