Wisconsin is full of more than just fireworks, cheese, and New Glarus beer. America's dairyland is spectacular when it comes to nature and this proves it even more.


One of the many examples of Wisconsin's beauty is a natural landmark in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, Cave of the Mounds.

Here are some photos I snapped during a tour in 2021.

Peek Inside of Wisconsin's National Natural Landmark, Cave of the Mounds

"A fairyland of needle-like icicles."

There is another set of caves that come with arguably even more breathtaking views but there's a catch, you're getting shortchanged if you don't visit the spot in the winter. In fact, it is located on an island on Lake Superior so you can only visit this spot during specific winter months.

Wear Comfortable Boots, You're Going To Need Them

North of Bayfield and Madeline Island, Wisconsin is Apostle Islands, part of a group of islands similar to what you will find in the Florida Keys except much much colder.


The island is only accessible by foot and it's about a mile walk along Lake Superior. This is why you want warm waterproof boots or ice cleats to avoid possibly slipping on the ice.


You'll also want to be wearing warm clothing due to the cold temperatures and pay attention to cracks that look new or slushy. But, keep in mind, park officials will not let anyone in areas deemed unsafe. The ice conditions are absolutely closely monitored.

While you may feel the ice moving on the water below it, the lake is solid, and park officials monitor the ice conditions carefully. - Travel Wisconsin

Want a preview? Check out these amazing photos.

[h/t Travel Wisconsin]

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