It's burger time Rockford.

Looking for a new burger place to add to your local options? Well, downtown Rockford is about to be home to a new place to satisfy all your burger cravings.

Mr. Burger is opening in downtown Rockford. Mr. Burger is going to be located at 605 W. State St and the Winnebago County Health Department is scheduled to give an inspection at the restaurant today.

Who doesn't love some more local burger options to try out? WREX details -

The restaurant will serve burgers, wings, tacos, hot dogs, breakfast and more. The owner of the restaurant also owns the corner shop, Jumping Joe. The owner says his brother will be the one running the restaurant.

This is great news for Rockford. After the year that 2020 was and how much it negatively affected businesses everywhere, any news of a business opening is awesome. Local restaurants were one of the industries hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. It's incredible to see that just over a year later new places can finally open up.

So when can you get downtown to try a burger for yourself? Well, according to WREX -

The restaurant hopes to open by the end of the month.

So keep an eye out for their official opening dates. And once you know when they're open, be sure to show a new local business some love.
2021 is the chance to businesses to open, and reopen, and truly thrive again. So next time you're thinking of cooking at home, try a local option instead.

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