Remember that guy? Haha! Sorry I couldn't resist. It was the first thing that popped in my head after reading a story about a guy from Chicago in Florida. I know, right?! The same place it happened last.

"The man, tased 10 times during his arrest, on an American Airlines flight Sunday night in Miami later grabbed an officer's gun after collapsing in the airport's terminal, according to the arrest report. Jacob Garcia, 28, refused to leave a Flight 2446 bound for his home city of Chicago, after an airline manager said he inappropriately touched a female passenger and incited "a fight" aboard the plane."

Ya. That will get you tazed for sure. Hell, they will tazer you for a lot less in Florida. Trust me. I've seen it.

This time it wasn't quite as entertaining. Number one he allegedly touched a woman inappropriately. That's not funny. Ever. Anywhere. Number two, this took place on a plane. Nothing fun happens in the tightly closed confines of the coach section.

We did find some raw footage. Watch at your own discretion. NSFW.

Like a deer in headlights. Except for that mustache. Hope the hairs didn't get messed up while you were getting tazed.

USA Today reports that, "Police arrived after Garcia refused to leave when asked, the station reported, and American Airlines said he was eventually arrested. Another video, taken as passengers temporarily deplaned, shows Garcia boarding a cart as officers take him away. Cheering ensues."

And just for fun...



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