An online shopping rule, for me, is to stay away from Craigslist. In fact, when it comes to purchasing something consider the source before thinking you've found what you're looking for. I've experienced what you're about to read and it sucks.

There's a home rental scam circulating Janesville but, be warned, it probably doesn't stop there. In this case, though, shared JPD's alert and what to look for when reading the ads.

  • The suspects post the rental ad and tell inquisitors that they are out of town and tell people to go to the house, walk around the residence, and look in the windows.
  • The suspects tell potential renters that if they like the house, to send them money for rent, telling them that once they receive money they will send the keys to them.

If you find similar text in an ad you're probably actually looking at a home for sale by someone else. Be very, very cautious. Better yet, hop on another home rental site like Zillow and see if the property is listed as for rent.

If the landlord can not meet you in person do not give them your money.

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