Phony repairmen aren't on the prowl only when it's warm. They're lurking around the Rockford-area when it's cold, too.

These con artists (a.k.a. storm chasers) are back at it again after one month of 25+ inches of snow dropped on northern Illinois, according to And before anyone goes off about "they're not all scammers!", just look at some of BBB's tips on their warning signs.

  • The average contractor does not go door-to-door.
  • Most professionals don't randomly approach new clients in an unmarked car.
  • Offers of snow removal for payment in advance is uncommon if unsolicited.
  • Claims of spotting roof damage and an offer of repair with advanced pay is a red flag.

The BBB told, these types of circumstances often lead to the storm chaser leaving with money and without fixing anything.

Always search to check a business' credibility before turning over money.

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