Pink eye is really the worst. Most of those who catch the virus are young kids. Couple that with how contagious pink eye is, and you truly have a recipe for disaster.

That's with only your standard garden variety pink eye.

Fox 32 in Chicago is now reporting a "superbug" version of pink eye is making its way through the Houston, Texas area "hurts twice as bad and lasts twice as long as typical pink eye."

This "unusual strain" of pink eye is said to last two to three weeks and treatment is done one of two ways, per Fox 32.

Betadine, a surgical scrub, can kill the virus, or a medication called Zirgan.

Thankfully, there have been zero reports of this "superbug" style of pink eye making it's way to Rockford.

Now is the time to be diligent though. If you have young kids in your house, such as I do, make sure they keep their hands clean and away from their eyes.

According to WGEM, one of the biggest pink eye breeding grounds are public pools. Doctors recommend to not share towels, wear goggles, and if you already have pink eye, stay out of the water for at least 24 hours.

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