I don't know if this is happening to you as of late, but I'm having trouble sleeping. Actually it's more like staying asleep.

Do you need help in getting to sleep or staying asleep to?

I've tried taking melatonin tablets, but honestly I don't like them. They make me dream weird things I wake up tired from my mind working all night. Yes, it helped me fall asleep and for the most part stay asleep, but I don't like the crazy dreams attached to it.

Last night I ate hummus with carrot sticks. I did sleep better. That is one of the foods according to Good House Keeping that we should be eating to help us sleep.

Now are you wondering what foods you should or shouldn't be eating to help you sleep? Check out this article from Good House Keeping.  It gives some great tips in what we should eat to help us sleep and to stay awake.