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There was a study done that explains texting "heeyyyyy" as compared to texting, "hey." Seriously, this was studied and researched. This is "huuuuuuuuge," wait, who uses that?

When someone texts and you reply, "whaaaaatttt??" You are being emotional, man. According to STUDY FIND if you stretch a text word it's not being done for fun, it's you showing emotion.

“We were able to comprehensively collect and count stretched words like ‘gooooooaaaalll’ and ‘hahahaha’, and map them across the two dimensions of overall stretchiness and balance of stretch, while developing new tools that will also aid in their continued linguistic study, and in other areas, such as language processing, augmenting dictionaries, improving search engines, analyzing the construction of sequences, and more.” - Researcher Tyler Gray University of Vermont

So here I am getting all emotional texting someone and I didn't even know it. Whaaatttt was I thinking? Will these stretched words be added to Webster's Dictionary?

The most common stretched words when I text? What do you want for dinner? Steeaaakkkk. That sounds about right.

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