There are numerous haunted places in the Rockford-area but this one might leave you feeling loneliness and overwhelming sadness.

There's a gated baby grave in Rockton Cemetary and people who have visited the grave shared similar feelings and paranormal activity. As the story goes, a local "witch" gave birth to a baby out of wedlock. The baby died soon after under "mysterious" circumstances. Shortly after the baby was buried, witnesses have reported sightings like strange lights. According to Ghost Village, a gate was placed around the grave to prevent vandalism. It is the only gate-protected grave in Rockton Cemetary. So where do the flowers play into this story? Back in 1999, a woman picked a flower from a patch by the grave's gate and weird things happened, allegedly.

In her first-person account, "Clarissa" says she had a feeling in her gut as if something "vital" or "important" had been. She also said she and her friend shared the feeling of sadness and loneliness while looking at the grave. It was then they noticed a "comforting" patch of flowers in the middle of the grave. Her friend picked one of the flowers and would regret doing some on the drive home.

We then decided that it was time to leave, and as we left my friend had picked the prettiest flower from the little patch... We got back into the car, put our seatbelts on and drove away. My friend, who sat in the backseat looked down at her flower. All of a sudden the pretty pink flower and the car was filled with tons of gnats and other tiny bugs.

You can read her full account HERE. Also, check out this video.


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