Halloween is almost here, and if your family is Star Wars obsessed, here is an easy-peasy Darth Vader costume you can make at home with a black shirt and some tape!

Here's one semi-shocking fact about me; I have never really watched any Star Wars movies. They scared me when I was younger for some reason, so the obsession never hit me like it did every other young kid in the 80's. I do know that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's Dad, and that he has a cool outfit. Due to my fondness of black clothing, I have chosen to dress as Darth Vader for Geek'd Con this weekend at the Mercy Indoor Sports Center so I can get in on all the fun cosplay action.

Since I don't have a bunch of extra money to drop on a super sweet Darth Vader costume, but I do have a lot of black shirts and tape, I decided to make my own. All I need now is the Darth Vader mask and cape.



How do you think it turned out? Passable? I sure hope so. See you this weekend at Geek'd Con!