Give your oven a rest and support local bakeries this holiday season with DIY Christmas Cookie kits.

2020 has been rough for pretty much everyone in one way or another.

Whether you've been isolated from your friends or family this year, you lost your job, you are teaching your kids at home and realizing how hard it is, or the many of us that have dealt with having COVID-19, it's all been a big blah.

But, there are ways to boost someone else's blah, that buying a Christmas cookie kit is absolutely one of them.

So maybe local bakeries are creating this cookie kits this year so that you can still enjoy the fun of decorating cookies with your friends and family without having to turn your oven on and you can support a small business that you love.

Cookies by Design in Rockford just released their cookie kit details, $20 will get you a dozen of their holiday shaped cookies with icing, thanks to Tasha's awesome idea.

And Halo Cupcake is making kits too. Liz is selling five jumbo cookies with all the toppings you could ever want, and icing too for $25.

Becky from Humble Bee Bakery is also party of the cookie kit party, with kits that will help support Roscoe PTO.

Wanna have the best Christmas ever? Order all three!


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