This summer my almost 10-year-old nephew has been obsessed with surfing, and he's not referring to the kind of surfing you do in California or Hawaii. He's talking about the kind you can do with a boat on a lake in Wisconsin. Here comes the part where I admit I didn't know you could 'surf' behind a boat. (Judge me if you want to). Wakeboard, ski, kneeboard, barefoot, sure, I know about all that and have failed miserably at attempts to do most of them myself.

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After a little bit of research, I have discovered you can in fact surf behind a boat or on a lake, and there are actually a couple of different ways to do it. One is actually called wake surfing, and it looks like this...

The second way is surfing just like you normally picture it...riding a big wave for as long as you can. Check out this video of a professional surfer catching major waves on the Great Lakes...

Now I have to admit I was today years old when I found out that Sheboygan, Wisconsin has a reputation for being the Malibu of the Midwest thanks to the awesome freshwater surfing that can be done there. says;

The peak surf season in Sheboygan runs from August to April. Yep, when the water gets cold, the surf action heats up.

If you're brave enough to ride the waves in Sheboygan, make sure you have a wetsuit first, because surfers often have to wade through snow and ice to get to the big waves. Consider yourself's gonna be COLD.

If you want to take lessons before you hit the waves in Sheboygan, or at least rent some gear and have help getting started, check out EOS Surf & Revolution Board Shop. 

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