Made in Illinois are the best straws in the world.

Are You Team Straw Or Team No Straw

I have found that in life, you are either a straw person or you are not a straw person. There is no middle ground. I am all about using straws. In my opinion, it is just much easier to drink beverages that way.

Straws Are Bad For Our Environment

Of course, the unfortunate thing about using straws is the throwaway single-time-use plastic ones are not good for our environment. Some companies have tried making paper straws but they just fall apart after a while. Others created metal ones but I just can not get used to them. I try to help out the situation by using a reusable plastic straw that I just wash each day to drink out of over and over.

New Illinois Company Has Solution To Straw Problem

There is a new company in Woodstock, Illinois called Boss Straw and they have a solution to the straw problem. If you watch this short video about the product and company, you hear them call it "The Best Straw In The World."

The words they use to describe Boss Straws are "strong," "taste-free," "Earth-friendly," and "no spills."

According to,

"Even in soda, BOSS straw resists collapsing, shredding, or becoming soggy for 24+ hours."


"No pulpy paper taste interfering with your water, tea, lemonade, or pop."


"Made from 100% recyclable paper and food-grade, biodegradable binding."

They also have different styles and sizes. You have to love the names.

  • The Weekender
  • The Little Boss
  • The Boss
  • The Big Boss

For more info, HERE.

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