This should probably be embarrassing to admit, but I was today years old when I learned that a pizza farm is a real thing. I asked JB Love if he knew what a pizza farm was, and he didn't either, so that helped ease my feelings of ignorance a little bit.

What Is a Pizza Farm?

According to Wikipedia;

pizza farm can be both a farm-based food-service establishment that sells pizza or a demonstration farm that educates visitors about agriculture by growing pizza ingredients, sometimes on a circular piece of land partitioned into plots shaped like pizza slices.

One of Illinois' very own pizza farms called Heritage Prairie Farm in Elburn, Illinois, hosts several pizza nights throughout the summer months (all 2021 dates have been canceled due to COVID), which promise a delicious and unique woodfire pizza-eating experience. All you have to do is reserve your spot and bring a blanket, chairs, and your pizza-loving appetite.

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Pizza farms actually exist all over the country but are really starting to pop up in the Midwest area. One of Wisconsin's most well-known pizza farms is AtoZ Produce and Bakery in Stockholm, Wisconsin. says;

This Wisconsin farm hosts guests on Tuesday nights, from early May to late October. While you’re there, pick up a loaf of artisanal bread, too—the wheat is grown and ground on-site!

Travel Wisconsin also lists a few other pizza farms that you'll want to check out next time you venture up North including;

Which one will you check out first? My mouth is watering already!

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