Here I am rushing thinking they'll be closing in 30 minutes, turns out that wasn't the case.

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I'll admit, it has been a while since I've made a trip to my local Wally World. So before heading out Monday night to grab a couple of items we needed before they were to close, I Googled their hours just to double-check they stilled closed at 8:30p.

I got there at about 8p, so I figured I had a little less than a half-hour to grab what I needed and head to the checkout. Everything I needed was all on the same side of the building so it wasn't gonna be an issue to get-in and get-out.

As I'm rushing around grabbing stuff like fabric softener/dryer sheets, cat litter, milk, and eggs, I noticed the ones working to restock the shelves (Huge Shout Out to You for Doing That!!!) weren't all that worried about people being still in the store.

BTW: Props to the person responsible for this product placement and the hand sanitizer is a fantastic touch too!

Walmart in Rockford, IL
Walmart in Rockford, IL

Get up to the check-out and notice it's still kind of a mix of people hurrying to leave before closing time and those still shopping. Finish ringing my order up and head out to the car and the doors are still open and there's still someone set up at the front logging those that come inside.

I knew the website was still saying that they closed at 8:30p, but asked her if they were still open and she said: "yes, until 10p".

Has anyone else noticed this at their local Walmart or is this only at the Northridge location?

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