Some people are waiting very impatiently to get the COVID-19 vaccine, while others want to avoid getting it like the plague. At this point, I find myself in the middle of those two groups. I'm happy to just wait my turn.

Anywho, many medical professionals believe the faster the masses get vaccinated, the closer we'll get to kissing this dang pandemic goodbye. I don't know much about science, but if that in fact happens, I say let's roll up our sleeves!

Honestly, I've been pretty surprised by how fast the State of Illinois is administering vaccines, but apparently many feel it isn't fast enough. Perhaps that is why DENTISTS may be jumping on the shot plan soon. According to;

 Dentists across Illinois received authorization Friday to start training to administer coronavirus vaccination shots.

I get the logic here, dentists are no strangers to giving shots, but something about going to my dentist's office to get a vaccine just feels off. Maybe that's just me?

It sounds like dentists in Illinois will not be mandated to give the COVID-19 vaccine to interested patients, but the Illinois State Dental Society director Dave Marsh told; "he is confident many dentists will volunteer for the training once they’ve been vaccinated".

After all, the quicker people get vaccinated, the quicker dental practices will return to serving more patients each day, so maybe this is a smart idea after all.

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