At some point we're going to get past this pandemic, it's just not right now.

So when we hear phrases such as "bubble," "second wave," and "outbreak" to describe the current climate many of us cringe.

It's not for the reason you think either. Look, this past year is something we'll never forget, but when we hear health professionals or people in the news use say those words we just can't anymore.

It's because we're so over hearing about the bubble, the second wave, and outbreaks. So much so, that those are three of the most hated pandemic related phrases according to a recent poll by PR Pioneer.

However, there was one phrase the Illinois folk hate more than any other, "Flattening the curve." Maybe it's because we've had such a difficult time doing so or maybe it's because we just don't want to hear it anymore.

Either way, I'm just glad it was "In these unprecedented times..." If I hear that one more time in my life, I might scream.

Here are the Top 5 pandemic-related phrases detested most by Illinoisans:

  1. Flattening the curve
  2. Outbreak
  3. Second Wave
  4. Unprecedented
  5. Bubble

What's your least favorite pandemic-related phrase? Tell us!

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