Holy Pork! Bacon lovers, you didn't know DeKalb had an annual Baconpalooza Festival?

Jurassic Pork indeed. If you attended in the past, your tummy was in heaven. Baconpalooza was part of Dekalb's Annual Summer Kishwaukee Fest. The event took place in July each summer in DeKalb. It was called the BaconPalooza Swine and Wine Festival. It was the highlight of the Kishwaukee Fest.

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle reports that Michael Embrey, the man who created and was the executive director of the events, said that both events are canceled this year so that he can attend to personal matters and business opportunities.

Embrey told the newspaper:

The amount of time and effort required to plan the event deterred other committee members from taking Embrey’s place. No one wants to take that responsibility, so at this point it’s best to postpone it to maybe 2016. Other business opportunities have limited the time he has to spend planning Kishwaukee Fest and Baconpalooza

Both events might not be dead yet. If community members were willing to become more involved, Kishwaukee Fest could be saved

Over the past years, Kishwaukee Fest and Baconpalooza featured:

  • Live Music (Country and Jazz)
  • Food
  • Skating
  • A Farmers Market
  • A Parade
  • Street Dance
  • A Car Show

The week long festival took place in The DeKalb/Sycamore/Malta Areas