Face it. We Cub fans have been waiting a long time for a World Series win, but none of us have been waiting as long as this DeKalb Cub fan. Try over 100 years!

Can you imagine that! 100 years. That is the true definition of a "Die Hard Cub Fan".

The Daily Chronicle caught up with 107 year old Mavis Bell at her residence at the Oak Crest DeKalb Area Retirement Center.

Mavis was born one year after after the Cubs won their last World Series against the Detroit Tigers in 1909. She says for as long as she can remember she's been a Cubs fan.

As the season gets closer and the Cubs Magic number is now down to 3, Mavis getting more excited like the rest of us. She's "keeping track of their winning ways, and doesn’t want to wait another season at her age to see them win the Series. 'All my life I’ve been waiting for them to win, again.'

Although she's only been to two games at Wrigley Field in her entire life, Mavis never misses a game. She might not be able to see it to clearly as her "eyesight is failing and she has to turn the volume up a bit on the TV in her apartment" but she's there rooting them on.

Her neighbors at Oak Crest know don't bother her during game day, because if you go knocking on her door she either can't her you because the TV is turned up or she's ignoring you because she's gotta watch her Cubbies. I'm thinking it may be a little of both but more heavy on the side of ignoring the intrusive knocking. HA!HA!

I don't blame Mavis. I'm the same way when watching the Cubs or the Blackhawks. Go away until the game is over unless you want to come in and sit down and watch with me. Am I right or what?

Mavis is probably the oldest Cub fan I know at least here in the Mid-west and most likely in DeKalb. I think it's really neat she's still watching and hoping on them. This story reminded me of my Grandmother when she was still living and her dementia hadn't robbed her mind, she would sit and watch Cubs religiously in the 80's and 80's. I think honestly, that's what kept her mind active for quite sometime. It just goes to prove you're never too old to have a favorite sports team. It's not something you'll ever outgrown.


Barry Schrader-Shaw Media; Daily Chronicle
Barry Schrader-Shaw Media; Daily Chronicle