Problems in DeKalb. On Friday afternoon DeKalb City Clerk Liz Peerboom tendered her resignation, effective immediately.

DeKalb County Online reports that on Friday she turned in an eye opening resignation letter that one could describe as not too flattering




When I decided to run for City Clerk, I did so knowing there would be obstacles. But, I ran because I care about the City of DeKalb and the Clerk’s office.


I have a long history as an employee of the city, so to me that shows that I am loyal.


In the last several months, it has become apparent to me that the road blocks that have been put in place are unmovable.


The new City Manager is slitting throats and leaving body bags. Unfortunately, the residents will suffer and you, as Mayor, will be left to pick up the pieces.


This is a City of DeKalb that I no longer recognize and I see no reason to continue collecting a salary to take attendance at the meetings. I have been pretty much shoved out. Did you even realize that I do not have an office or a desk, but interns and consultants have been afforded spacious offices?


Also, Diane Wright stepped up when Steve Kapitan resigned and cleaned up the mess he made, only to be shoved out like many of the city’s good employees have been. Now, the office will be run by someone with absolutely no government experience, whom I explicitly had asked the Manager not to give that job to. The City Manager doesn’t want a City Clerk, she needs employees that do her bidding and I am not that person. I think it was a big mistake to put the City Manager in charge of the deputies and I think it was a mistake to hire this City Manager.


Therefore, effective immediately, I am resigning my office as City Clerk.


Liz Peerboom



Recently DeKalb Deputy Clerk, Diane Wright, also resigned.

The City Of DeKalb website states the City Clerk's duties are as follows:

The City Clerk is responsible for attending all City Council meetings and keeping a record of the proceedings. The Clerk is the official keeper of the City Seal and the records for the City such as ordinances, resolutions, agreements, easements, oaths, deeds, and various other documents. The Clerk is the local election official who distributes and receives nominating petitions for municipal election candidates.

A while back the DeKalb City Council tried unsuccessfully to eliminate the City Clerk's office through a referendum. After that failed, they decided to reduce the annual salary to $5,000 (down from $60,000.00). Read more here