Yikes, The City of DeKalb made the Top 10 list of the most expensive Illinois towns to get a speeding ticket. (#9)

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It's the worst feeling in the world, your driving along and suddenly flashing lights appear in your rear view mirror. Sometimes you're lucky and let off with a warning. Most of the time, you end up with a speeding ticket.

It's no secret that cash strapped municipalities in Illinois count on revenue generated from traffic enforcement to subsidize employee payrolls and city services.. Many police departments allocate more resources on traffic enforcement because it is a revenue generator.

Speeding tickets can be very expensive, but the insurance increases that drivers face after receiving a ticket has even greater effect you pocket book that you probably realize

In Illinois, if you drive 15 miles per hour over the speed limit you will get a $120 ticket. But did you realize that after you get a speeding speeding ticket, you will face a $124.80 increase in your annual car insurance rate? This rate will impact your insurance for five years

Newdwallet website did an extensive study on which towns will cost you the most if you speed. The true cost of a speeding ticket in Illinois is 6.2 times the cost of the actual ticket—drivers pay an average of $744 in total for a $120 speeding ticket.

The full cost of a ticket varies by Illinois town. If you have a lead foot, avoid these cities:

Ranking City True Cost OVER 5 YEARS
1 Harvey $977.85
2 Cicero $939.05
3 Park Ridge $930.65
4 Berwyn $930.00
5 Calumet City $928.45

DeKalb, IL came in at #9 at $878.75. The City of Rockford ranked at #78 at $645.70. The city of Belvidere came in at #21 with a cost of $807.20

In case you're wondering...The City of Evanston  was ranked the least expensive city to get a ticket at a cost of $577.40

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