Walmart upped their shopping game with their pickup service, sparing many shoppers anxiety, anger, and more negative feelings. I am one of those shoppers, hi. This is not a knock against the supermarket giant, but I actually try hard to not go into those stores. I would say it's 60% me, 35% other shoppers, and 5% environment.

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  • Do the shopping for us (Oh, Wait.)
  • Have powered carts with a bucket seat with a built-in massager
  • Lower the brightness inside just a bit
  • Have puppies on hand with a "cuddles" area
  • Host dance parties
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That last idea is not a bad one. In fact, it isn't uncommon for my kids and me to bust out a dance-off inside of Target on E. State Street every time we're there. Do we get looks? Probably. Do we care? Not in the least. But, seriously, can we just turn a section of every store into a brief dance-zone? It doesn't need to be all the time, just sporadically, like when Kmart did their blue light special throughout the day.

Credit: Walmart Troy, Facebook


Let me preface, the video below is not from an Illinois Walmart. It doesn't mean it shouldn't happen though. And, even if there are not a lot of dancers you can imagine there were plenty of onlookers. Even if only for a moment, someone walking by could have been experiencing a rough day but cracked a smile at the sight of people bustin' a move inside a Walmart.

Illinois Walmarts, please make this a thing.

Also, those pants are something else, circa 1997.

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