If your Mom loves wine, I promise you, she needs wine more than ever this year for Mother's Day.

Any kind of shopping is a struggle right now thanks to COVID-19, and I'm at a real loss on what to get my Mom for Mother's Day. Anything I've wanted to order will take too long to get here. The thought of dealing with the madness at a nursery or greenhouse is really unappealing, so what's a girl to do? Take advantage of some of these amazing, wine-filled options from DC Estate Winery in South Beloitthat's what we do!

Here's some of the options available, but you need to hop on getting them ASAP:

DC Estate Winery is also teaming up with Halo Cupcake for Cupcakes With Mom which features awesome wine and treat pairings, but you need to pre-order your package by tomorrow, Tuesday May 5th, at Noon! Click here to find out how to make your order right now.

Thanks for saving our Mother's Day dilemmas, DC Estate Winery!

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